Supporting Sacramento

As a volunteer-based organization, we are fueled by our passion for helping others in our community. With unwavering commitment and a compassionate approach, we stand ready to provide support and expertise when it matters most.

So Others Can Live

Since our establishment, SACSAR has been at the forefront of Sacramento's urban search and rescue operations. Our rich history is rooted in a deep sense of community service and a drive to make a positive impact. Our vision is to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies while prioritizing the safety and well-being of those we serve.

Miracle on the American River

Watch how one of our trained volunteers and community coming together turns a would-be tragedy into a miraculous second chance at life for a 14-year-old girl and her family.

A Brief History of the Sacramento County Search and Rescue

The Sacramento County Sheriff Search and Rescue (SAR) was started in the early 1990s by a group of dedicated horsepeople who wanted to use their expertise to help people in need. The group felt that the unique abilities of the horse would be an asset in finding lost persons in and around the Sacramento County area. They coordinated with the Sheriff’s Office to establish a Unit that would meet the Department's and the community's needs. They subsequently established contact with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services through the Sheriff’s Office to be available for mutual aid calls outside the county, wrote Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit organization, and developed By-Laws to establish criteria and direction for the Unit.

In 2000, capabilities were expanded by adding Ground Searchers and Canine (K9) Handlers in an effort to serve the community better.

Today, the SAR Unit comprises approximately 30 SAR-trained search and rescue volunteers. 

Members maintain a standard level of training and physical fitness in addition to providing their own equipment for search and rescue missions (i.e., pack, compass, first aid kit (FAK), binoculars, and survival equipment).

The members are trained in CPR, Basic First Aid, Map and Compass, Track Awareness, Radio Communications, and proper Search Techniques (grid searching, K9 support/flanking). The members attend a general meeting once a month and unit training once a month. At times additional training may be scheduled by the Training Officer and/or the Sheriff’s Office. This training is in addition to the ongoing training and conditioning that members do on their own.

The Unit participates in public events throughout the year, including Safety Fairs, where information about the Unit is provided, and the community is invited to learn more about SACSAR and opportunities to contribute to the unit.


Join us in our mission.

By volunteering your time or donating, you will have the opportunity to make a direct impact and contribute to our efforts.

Become a Volunteer

As a volunteer, you'll receive training in search and rescue techniques, basic first-aid, CPR, radio communications, and navigation skills. Together, we'll prepare you for the challenges you may face in the field and provide the skills needed to make a difference in someone’s life.

Make a Donation

Your financial support enables us to sustain our operations and expand our capabilities. By donating, you directly contribute to the procurement and maintenance of essential equipment, the organization of training programs, and the overall success of our missions.