Sacramento County Sheriff's Search and Rescue

Our mission is to support the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office by providing timely and effective search and rescue services to the Sacramento community and surrounding areas, offering assistance to those in need.

Providing Timely and Effective Assistance in Times of Crisis

Our trained volunteers specialize in various areas, including urban search techniques, administration of CPR, and basic first aid.

Knowledge is the Foundation of Effective Search and Rescue Operations

We work closely with local law enforcement agencies and other emergency response organizations to coordinate efforts and provide support to those in distress.  We offer our services with Sacramento County and throughout the State of California through the State’s mutual aid program.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team is available around the clock, providing unwavering support to ensure that help is available.


Our skilled volunteers have the expertise to navigate and handle search and rescue operations professionally and effectively.


We tailor our techniques and strategies to the unique needs of each situation, allowing us to provide targeted assistance.


Join Us In Our Mission

By volunteering your time or donating, you can make a direct impact and contribute to our efforts. Learn more about the requirements, training programs, how to apply, and ways your donations impact our organization and your community.